Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Hard Day's Night

Minnie was up all night.  She started screaming and arching her back in pain at about 5pm, and C and I took it in turns to keep her in a comfy position through the night so the other could get some sleep.  Maybe teeth, probably heat or some kind of allergy (pollen has been high).

Makes me realise how, despite so many hospital appointments, Minnie has been just as easy as Penny was at this age.

But now I remember how hard it can be when things go awry.  Teething, random rashes, unexplained tears ... and all now with a toddler too.  Though Penny has been very sweet, telling me she loves me, and being patient while we tend to Minnie's pain.

Sanity is hopefully restored today, here's hoping the heatwave tempers a little.

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