Saturday, 28 April 2012

Out and About

Spent a very fun night at Fujiyama on Monday with the NCT girls.  Good to see them all on such good form, I miss them now I am back at work, so good to catch up and have a chatty night powered by white wine and raw fish.

Then the last night of the pub quiz season on Tuesday.  Not our finest week, but no matter ... we are raring to go for the next season.  Yoshi's Island had a spectacular win, with Team Science in second place.

Mum and Dad kindly looked after Penny for Fish and I to go out to the cinema on Thursday.  We saw the Avengers Assemble, which was quite fun really.  Action packed, and also entertaining, we were also joined by Ryan.

And today we joined Alex, Norris and Liam at the Tate Modern for the Boetti exhibition.  Some great patterns, and intricate embroidery, including the fantastic maps embroidered with the colours of the respective country's flags.  After a painfully long lunch at Pizza Express we made our way to Beckenham for Greg & Kate's housewarming.  A lovely place, with fireplaces and stone steps, we had a relaxing time while the rain beat down outside.  And good to spend some more time with Penny after such a busy week.

And tomorrow is a day of rest ... ahhhhh!

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