Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Whole 5 Days off! And a Birthday Girl :)

So, a month back into full time work, and I now merit a day off.  Oh, wait a minute, and I also get a long weekend off as it is Easter ... hooray!

After our fun Saturday in Guildford, we spent Sunday with Keith, Danni and the family at their new house to celebrate Bettie's birthday.  Was a lovely sunny day, and lots of fun to scamper and play in their garden.

A fair performance (joint 3rd) in the Vauxhall Griffin quiz on Tuesday, which was preceded by spending some time with Penny-Wenny to celebrate a special day.

So my little girl is a whole one year old!  Was surreal to think of being in labour a year ago, and lovely to think of the long, happy year we have all had together.  And she is so big now, standing and sitting with ease, chattering happily (especially favouring the 'row row row' bit of the song) and still making friends, at nursery and wherever she goes.  What a special little girl I am honoured to be such a blessed Mummy.

And so tomorrow we will spend the day together, having fun and pootling about.  Can't wait!

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