Thursday, 10 May 2012

Meah ... sick!

Swallowing, talking, eating, drinking, moving ... all these things hurt.  Ok, so I am pleased I don't have the pertonsilliar abcess that I thought I had (damn you, scary internet research), but I feel dreadful.

Even having been up from the pain overnight, as it hurt whenever I swallowed, I still didn't feel too bad this morning.  But slowly as the day went by, I felt worse and worse, so I was pretty pathetic by the time I finally got in to see the docs at 3:45pm.  She was v nice though, sympathetic, and had looked after me while I was heavily pregnant with Penny ... so she asked after the little bundle too.

P is fantastic ... chatting away, trying so hard to walk by herself (but still needing a hand).

Going to rest for the evening and all through tomorrow, so hopefully the antibiotics will start doing their job.

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