Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sick and Cross

Another blog post so soon?  That can only mean that I am stuck in bed with a throat that feels like a razor blade is hacking away at it.

The sun has been shining all day, and I have been resting in bed all day far away from its beaming loveliness, seeking out morsels of unchallenging content from the Interweb and our DVD collections.

From TED videos, to Horrible Histories (Jane's suggestion), all have been trying to numb my crossness at being so disabled by this thing.  I cannot swallow without it hurting, so my only food today has been a small bowl of sweet potato mash.  Water is drunk begrudgingly, as I know it will help in the long term, but every gulp is painful.  Talking has been kept to a minimum, with Penny's baby signing book a useful bridge, as making the shapes of words with my mouth is also excruciating.

And so here is the crux of the problem ... at what point do you go back to the docs?  It is clear that one of the following is true:
1 - The antibiotics will work, but have not kicked in yet (has been 2 days so far).
2 - The thing can be kicked by antibiotics, but not the ones I am taking.
3 - It is what I thought it was, a pertonsilliar abcess, and will need draining as well as antibiotics to get entirely better.

And the weekend provides me with a handy check step ... as the docs is shut till Monday, if I am not better by Mon AM, I won't be able to go back to work and so will go back to the docs then.  After all, 4 days of antibiotics should be enough to feel at least some improvement, so if there is none, I have every right to

And the throat looks the same.  Red, collapsing in from the right, really quite scary to feel one's windpipe closing in.  My ear hurts, and even my nose/sinuses are now throbbing.  Hard to believe there is not something pressing against my whole ENT area.

Ok, whinge over now, but I am hoping that getting all this off my chest (especially as I can't really tell it to anybody) will make me feel better.

In the meantime C has been very good, and has been spending the day out and about with a jolly Penny.  At when it comes to it, I would rather me be ill than her or him ... 

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