Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Fringe of Concern ...

Have had a week of indulgence, playing lots of Super Mario Galaxy 2 while Charlie finished off his video of the trip to Austin, TX.

Had a nice evening yesterday, meeting our new nextdoor neighbour Lucas, who seems really nice and has just moved here from Chile. Went round to Andrew's later where he and Alex were grumpily commiserating over the football with Erika T and Norris. Mink also came round to play, was good to hang out with them all.

Spent today celebrating out goddaughter Matty's 2nd birthday in a lovely park with lots of her family. Then came back to have a relaxed evening with Charlie at home.

Bit worried about Poppy. She has been breathing very heavily and been a bit off her food for the last few days, and does not seem to be getting any better ... which is worrying. Will be taking her to the vet next week. My baby is sick ...

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