Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Self-Discipline and Patterned Seats

A challenging day at work. Must remember to listen to people’s advice when they tell me to pick my battles. My dad always said that there was a particular face of distaste I used to reserve for my Headmaster when I was at Primary School, and I could feel myself pulling the same face today. Must keep the end goal in mind. Must remember that honest confrontation is not always appropriate. Must consider what I am really trying to achieve.

Spending the evening writing in the Hive with Charlie-Fish and Norris, to be honest I can’t imagine a better way to relieve myself of the day’s frustrations and be surrounded by lots of good, constructive (and yummy) things and people.

Also, it still cheers me up to come back home on the posh new Victoria Line trains, although they are not as spectacularly different as I was expecting (i.e. was expecting a long wormy train, but it still has separated carriages). Picture of seat pattern (most important bit!) below.

Made even more progress with Erika’s Hen Weekend, which is now almost here. Am extremely excited, I promise to tell all once I am back on Sunday.

Working from home tomorrow, which should give me perspective on today’s shenanigans.

Have added a few new posts below, and some giant pterodactyl photos from last Tuesday too ...

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