Monday, 1 November 2010

Man, I feel like a woman ...

Had something of an enlightened day today about the role of women in the world, and how women are the key to a better, healthier planet. Triggered by a couple of things:

1 - Listened to a Guardian podcast about the Millennium Development Goals, about how so many of them revolve around women ... education of women so they can pass on that education to the families they are raising, in terms of health, good living, nutrition, making choices, childbirth ... the list is endless!

2 - Read a painfully true Guardian article about the lack of strong genuinely inspiring role models for young women today. That the media is filled with 'princess' stories about heiresses and vacuous women whose only vision of success is marrying some rotten loaded footballer with dodgy values. Feeling suddenly angry and passionate about raising my children to aspire to greater things, not just the traditional gender stereotypes that the media continues to proliferate.

Clicked through to the website and felt very drawn to the 'i'm no princess' and 'future ROLE model' themes it is trying to inspire.

I am sure I am acutely aware of all this stuff from being on the brink of parenthood, makes me pleased that I was a bit of a tomboy when I grew up, surrounded by grubby football playing boys who have never particularly treated me as a precious princess ... in a really good way. I like being a grounded, intelligent woman and I am proud of it. And, if I have a daughter, I hope I can pass that groundedness on to her.

Cheryl Cole, Kerry Katona, Katie Price and Paris Hilton can all kiss my @*&.


  1. Emmy - are you referring to me and Andrew as 'grubby, football playing boys'??

  2. Your groundedness, independence and intelligence are exactly why I love you. You are, without intending to sound mushy or sentimental, one of my female role models. I suspect I am far from being alone in that feeling.

  3. Matty - Yes :)

    Charlie - Thank you for your comment, I love you too x