Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Was texted towards the end of the working day by Alex to see if I could substitute for one of his league winning pub quiz team. Hugely flattered, especially as I don't have a PhD, and so accepted. The pub was very pleasant, the Vauxhall Griffin, and did a mean Fish & Chips.

Was slightly helpful, knowing that a female donkey is called a Jenny, that Dick Dastardly's car in Wacky Races was 00, Boris Karloff's name, and unfortunately that Peter Andre's son is called Junior (the shame). Didn't win, but not a shameful loss either.

On a very different note, below is an image of flamingos forming the shape of a flamingo. So random an occurance that it proves there is a God? Maybe, or maybe the flamingoes just like to have a laugh.

Have also discovered by happy accident that I can write Hindi क्धेबका व्ज्रेवा रुरुरु ओस्क्व्ब and Tamil எஹ்ர்க் ௪ல்ப்ந்ஹ்ஸி ந்வ்க்சே and other scripts on my blog ... how useful!

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