Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Walking, Technology and Quickening

My third day of walking 50 minutes as part of my journey to and from work, with a bit of Northern Line fun thrown into the mix. It is exhilerating at this stage, showing how unfit I am, but I am convinced being fit will lead to a quicker and less painful labour, so on I go. While I was tired and sick, it was not so easy, but now I have no excuse. The Tube strike again was not too troublesome for me, as the Northern Line was going (just not stopping at a few stations, including Oval and Borough, making my journey quicker), just very crammed carriages. A fairly good and relaxed day at work doing Equality and Diversity Training ... I am now both equal and diverse all at once!

Also managed to charge up and register my new snazzy internet phone today ... it promises so many fun things, but I am a complete beginner. One step at a time, it was hard enough just to figure out that I had to put the battery in before I charged it. D'oh!

And also, I am pretty sure that I have felt the first wigglings of a little baby Fish in my tummy. Hard to describe, kind of swirly and wiggly is the best I can really do. Not fizzing, like some have said, or even like fluttering. But reassuring, all the same ... especially as I become more and more convinced that I am not imagining it. Go baby go!

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