Friday, 11 November 2011

Excursion and Dinner

After a week of being in the house a lot, I think Penny was relieved that we spent the whole afternoon out and about with Alex and Andrew celebrating Alex's birthday.  After a cup of tea at La Cave near London Bridge, we went for lunch at an Italian restaurant near South Kensington before going to the Unsung Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things exhibition at the Science Museum.

It was a small but well put together exhibition, looking at velcro, clothes pegs, paperclips, fasteners and similar.  We all got hypnotised by the video showing a paperclip bending machine.

Then we left Alex and Andrew to their evening of beer and karaoke, only to host dinner at our flat.  Host, but not cook, as Theresa kindly brought round a beef casserole to treat myself, Charlie, Erika and Dan.  Demetris joined us too, and successfully fed Penny her dinner.  A lovely cosy evening in.

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