Saturday, 26 November 2011


Headed on down to Brighton for a Thanksgiving weekend.  Having spent Friday evening clearing the spare room, in preparation for carpets on Monday, and what with me feeling coldy and coughing, it was best that we didn't rush down on Friday night.

Lovely to see everybody, Theresa, Demetris, Erika and Dan. Then we were joined by Guy, Sarah, Sadie and Ruby.  The girls have grown up so much, Sadie is now at secondary school!  They were lovely as always, happily making conversation, and having fun with Penny covering her in wrapping paper!  P was on good form, and was quite taken with Eugene (who also joined us for a big turkey dinner with Alexis).

Carried on the annual tradition or writing what we are thankful for and what our wishes are on leaves, which we put on the thanksgiving tree.  Just lovely to be so looked after, especially with a nice glass of wine.

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