Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mattress and Fireworks

A day of chilling out and doing jobs.  Bought a nice new mattress which will be delivered on Thurs, just need to sort out getting rid of the old one.

Then to Brockwell Park for fireworks.  We seemed to have residents of half the boroughs in London there, the park was so full.  But it was a splendid display, even if you couldn't quite hear the music properly.  Penny had her ear protectors on and was clearly bemused by the whole thing.  Was funny when she decided she was ready for her night time breastfeed in the middle of the show, but kept being distracted by the sparkly sky.

Then met with Liam and Noz in the Half Moon pub in Herne Hill, along with their friends Julia and Kerry.  P was being extra delightful, and we went home at 10ish.

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