Monday, 12 March 2012

Birthday Board Games

Such a board gamey weekend!

Had a lovely lunch with the NCT gals, guys and babies at the Lido Cafe.  They were on good form, and seemed pleased that I was getting on well at work.

Then to Norris' for her art sale, where P and I also saw Dan, Erika, Mink, Dave and Alex (clearly the place to be!)  Mink and Dave came back for a veggie pasta bake dinner, along with Charlie's uncle Elias, who is staying for a couple of days.  Lovely to see him :)

Charlie's birthday today ... after tackling the start of his treasure hunt (yay!) he came out for lunch with P, and then brought her into work.  She was very sweet and cuddly, made lots of friends, and joined a few project groups on the way.

Quick handover for C to go out to Board Games & Beyond.  Spent the evening cuddling P, cooking, and chatting with a visiting Norris who came round to pick up teacups.

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