Saturday, 10 March 2012


Ok, so no excuses, I am just not quite finding the time to blog at the moment.  Oh well, let's just hope I find a way to fit it in!

So, in summary:
- We had a fantastic weekend for Dad's birthday, though I was not very well.  We wandered round the Olympic park, went to see a stupendously fast and impressive magician (Hans Klok) and had a lovely family birthday lunch in Dulwich Cafe Rouge.  Lovely to see Mum and Dad, they were on good form even though Mum had a bit of a cough.

- I am now feeling much more energised as my tummy is better, though we all still seem to be a little snotty.  No matter, but at least I now feel capable of carrying out the many roles (wife, mother, colleague) that I have.

- Work is great, Fairtrade Fortnight has been a tremendous time to come back, with happy empowered staff running about making a lot of noise about Fairtrade.  There have been some developments about which role I will actually be doing, so watch this space.

And now we are starting a fun board gamey weekend to celebrate Fishy's birthday.  Yay!  So we are expecting Alex, Andrew and James C, followed later by Greg and Kate ... and for now we are pooling along doing jobs and being jolly.  Hooray for the weekend!

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