Thursday, 1 March 2012

Infinite Improbability

So, normal life has resumed.

I am back at work.  It feels like I never left, or rather that I left last Friday and that I am now back in, only to find that my notepad is gone, my diary cleared and my accounts managed by someone else.  Not in a bad way, it is good to refresh, but I look forward to being a little more established with clearer responsibilities.  And it is great to see everybody, they all seem pleased that I am back.

Penny has seemed not to miss me, but she has been very ill.  After being sick (exorcist sick) twice on Sunday night, she has had very little appetite and everything has gone through her in quite an explosive fashion.  She was a complete mess in her cot when I woke her this morning, though at least she had slept. On Sun night and Tues night she was up for most of the night, sometimes crying inconsolably.  Charlie has done an amazing job nursing her and staying up where needed, and he still seems to be full of beans from his paternity leave.

Mum looked after P today, sort of in rehearsal for her upcoming childcare duties, but Penny is not herself so it was a little different to how we all expect it to be.  But they had a pleasant walk in the park, and P was apparently fairly jolly, considering.  Perhaps a visit to the docs tomorrow.

The house is still fairly tidy after the swapping.  I made a new rug out of carpet offcuts for the lounge, and got some colourful washing baskets for P's toys to keep them tidy.

As for now?  I am tired and a bit coldy, and about to be sent to bed by Nurse Fishy ... goodnight!

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