Thursday, 19 November 2009


Oh woe is me, for the second time in this blog's short life I am a sick bunny. What with the coughing and the sneezing and the general overload of facial mucus (steady!) I am sure I was super-welcome at my all day meeting today. Going in was the right thing to do, but starting to regret staying as I am now feeling the brunt.

You know? When every breath feels toxic, and people on the tube move so they don't have to sit near you, eyeing you with disgust as you clasp another sodden snotty tissue to your poor sore pink nosey.


So I am on a juice, carbs and paracetamol diet for the duration, somewhat challenging when I have a 6,000 word essay due in next week and a 3 hour exam in the following week. Ouch!

But after a busy and mildly stressful week I am hoping that, having made some progress moving things forward, my brain will relax, allowing my body to recover. When you wake up in the night realising something you forgot, and knowing that you would rather get up and get it done rather than try and sleep or write it down, you know you are (a) slightly more neurotic than usual and (b) having this neurosis heightened by snot overload.

So, perhaps now I can recover properly. With my body aching and face leaking, perhaps this is a message to rest.

We are at Theresa's (Charlie's Mum's) on Saturday for Thanksgiving ... hopefully I can be thankful for a speedy recovery.

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