Monday, 23 November 2009

Like being 21 again

So, having pledged that I would be pushing back on work to ensure my sanity and immune system stay intact, it got to 7:30pm before I suggested to my colleague Dan that we have a swift half in the pub to mutually vent our spleens and relax. So now I have decided I am going to have a late one to get my assignment finished, hoping to do some final tailoring Tues and Weds evening before Friday's submission.

So I am attempting a late 20's version of the procedure I regularly went through when I was 21, i.e. staying up through the night in the computer labs, occassionally peeking at Transformer comic scans between hastily completing essays. The late 20's version involves tea (a lot of tea), a mousakka (in the oven as we speak, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range) and likely some degree of chocolate as the evening/night draws on.

I look to the cats for some inspiration ... not so much. Oh well, best get on with it!

But before I finish, a quick note of gratitude for yet another glorious thanksgiving, with a special thanks to Theresa for giving me a colour treatment and a massage, both of which have contributed to my recovery. Demitris cooked a couple of beautiful ducks, and Theresa very kindly gave us a beautiful painting she created earlier in the year, which looks just fabulous in our lounge now.

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