Saturday, 28 November 2009


Sitting in the lounge, ostensibly putting together revision notes for my exam on Tuesday. Bjork's Vespertine in the background, which gives a chilled out, slightly festive flavour to the air. Lights on low, Charlie writing in the corner, kittens all snuggled up around us. It is cold, wet and uninviting outside, but our flat is warm, and a haven of contentment.

The revision is a bit behind schedule, as we have spent a day at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum with Keith, Danni and little Mattie, who is now getting very big (18 months), and is just a delight! She is very quiet and good, well behaved and has excellent balance for walking. And running! It is lovely when you can walk along and she lets you hold her hand, while you point out all the animals both extinct and living, and she is fascinated by every light, sound and movement.

What a great way to spend a day. So why am I now thinking of lowering the tone by watching X-Factor?!?!

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