Saturday, 14 November 2009

Love and Affection

Not only one of my favourite Joan Armatrading songs but also the abiding feeling I am left with after Robin (Charlie's Dad) and Marion's wedding yesterday. The occassion was filled with such joy, the realisation of the happiness they have now found with each other. Such a personal day, with so much time and thought put into every attendee, every word said and every little finishing touch. Just lovely!

We spent a week up in the Lake District, detoxifying our lungs with the air, cleansing our eyes with the view and resetting our taste buds with the crystal water, which trickled down the hillside into our taps (miraculously avoiding any trace of sheep).

It was also lovely to have my parents up there too, who were on excellent form, especially taking out a gaggle of Sundts for lunch and a Jennings brewery visit in Cockermouth while I toiled on with my marketing assignment.

And it was marketing that got me up at 4:30 this morning, for my darling and ever-supportive husband to whisk me off to Penrith to catch the first train back to London for a day of marketing revision. Very worth it, if only to inject the basic concepts into my busy mind, while I finish off my assigment and wait for my inevitable weekend of cramming before the exam.

So, after an evening in with Kirsten of watching (wait for it) both X Factor AND Strictly Ballroom (no, my eyes aren't bleeding), I am looking forward to an indefinite lie-in tomorrow morning (get in!).

I might even have a bath now ... I might! On a Saturday night! You can stick your clubbing and your tequila slammers down my plughole!
Now, where's my rubber ducky ...

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