Monday, 23 August 2010

CIM - Passed!!

Just found out unexpectedly that I passed my remaining 2 CIM modules, meaning that I have successfully completed my course.


I think I get some letters after my name, so I reckon I will now be something along the lines of BA Hons. MPhil ACIM ... not bad for a small chinchilla! A bit unexpected, as I thought the results were coming through on Friday, but I almost prefer it this way. Lull you into a sense of security and then ... BAM!

Pretty exhausted today at work, so having a lazy evening at home. Snuck into the second hand DVD shop on my way home, and agreed with myself that I was allowed to invest in Series 2 of Futurama if it was still there. It was, so I bought it. I figured providence could decide whether I deserved it or not.

Fish is back in the cinema, I think watching the Illusionist.

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