Friday, 13 August 2010

Ding, Dong, the bells are gonna chime!

What a wonderful day! An extremely relaxing morning getting ready and having our hair done etc. Erika was fidgety, but confident that everything was going according to plan. The ceremony was so sweet, there were lots of tears for my part. Luckily Robin (Charlie's Dad) and I looked after each other, sniffling away in the front row! A very intrepid wasp also wanted to get involved in the ceremony, but as the vows included 'protecting', he didn't last long.

The Happy Couple, Erika and Dan

The weather was a bit drippy, so we had all the photos in the grandeur of the hotel, really beautiful. Was lovely to see everybody, Matalons, Amarilios, Erika and Roli (Charlie's Grandparents), Keith, Danni and Mattie ... so many lovely people.

Me and Robin, Charlie's Dad

The meal was delicious and the speeches excellent, great to see Robin keeping the football shirt motif alive! Was good to chat to the best men too, as I had only met one of them before (there were 4).

The Bridesmaids, or 'Best Women'. Me and Gilly Keat, Dan's sister

Great to see the family Smith in the evening too, very kind of Erika to invite them. Lots of disco dancing in the evening, along with crazy Elias prancing around as an enormous ballerina ... I think you had to be there ;)

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