Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mild Jobs and a Dead Chicken

Lie in interrupted by postman bringing my wrap for the wedding on Friday. Tried to offset with a lazy morning in bed. Dropped off a massive bag of charity shop stuff on the way into town. The jewellers were lovely about the lost diamond in my wedding ring, they are fixing it for free. Apparently tiny diamonds are always hard to set properly. And I will get to pick it up before the wedding, hurrah!

Had a little play on a Boris Bike (which I have now registered for, we used Charlie's registration). Then we visited Kirsten, who seems to be recovering well from her hip op, and was on good form.

Then back home to treat Dan and Erika to a 3 course meal or wild mushroom soup, roast chicken and hot chocolate fudgy pudding with cream. They are still very chilled out about Friday's celebrations, good for them!!

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