Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wedding Eve

Worked a half day before picking up my mended wedding ring, before meeting Charlie at Waterloo to head down to Guildford together. Lovely to see David, Sammy and a very excited Erika at the hotel, also Robin, Marion and Theresa who I have not seen in a short while. We even saw Dan before he headed off, though the clever boy sent a delivery of flowers to his imminent bride after he left ... genius!

Had a very relaxing evening as Matalons and Schnurrs arrived. Theresa, Erika, Gilly and I had a slightly quieter evening at an Italian restaurant close by, while the others stayed in the hotel. But meeting up afterwards we all were enthralled by the beaity of the Perseids meteor shower which stunned us with its beauty, making our necks sore and feet cold, but totally worth it!

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