Saturday, 16 October 2010

Caroline's Hen - Back in Time!

Met at Westminster Abbey for a 1940's themed Treasure Hunt at 10am, which had us traipsing round the Cabinet War Rooms, asking a nice young man to sing 'pack up your troubles' for us and kissing various Churchill statues. Met back at the Red Lion on Whitehall, and then to the restaurant Sarastro.A fabulous, theatrical venue, apparently they have people singing opera on some nights. Gold fabric and harlequin flashes cover the walls, and some tables are completely set away in a stage or audience box setting.

We all brought Caroline a pair of knickers for her 'bridal trousseau' (I still don't know what that is!), and one brave and brilliant soul (not me) knitted some!

Then back home to prepare for an evening out in Shoreditch, hairpins and red lipstick at the ready for full 40's glamour.
Had lovely chats with Caroline, the South America ladies, and another pregnant lady Claire, who is 7 months and was happy to chat about her NCT experiences.

Moseyed on home to meet with Fish who had been writing at the Ritzy all day, and yet again indulged a craving for a Macdonalds Cheeseburger (why that? I never usually eat Macdonalds?!?!) on the way home.

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