Sunday, 24 October 2010

Snot Overload!

Ok, so I knew it was coming. Having been quite snotty all week, I felt that a cold was in the post, and being pregnant does not make me immune. So, having awoken from my very strange dream of having dinner with Charlie, Matthew, David Cameron and George Osbourne where DC and GO paid with £50 notes (another bizarre manifestation of preggie vivid dream syndrome!), I found myself with a sore trachea, coughing up some interesting mucus and with even more snot than before.

Don't feel too bad in myself, but will be taking it a bit easy today. Mainly just hoping the cough doesn't get worse. Might have a lazy bath and cuddle up with a blankie in the lounge. Hopefully Natalie is coming round for lunch, and Jon is cooking an epic curry for the occassion, so shoudl also hopefully help to clear up my sinuses. Here's hoping!

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