Saturday, 23 October 2010

Warm and Indulgent Day In

Didn't quite feel up to walking 10 miles in the rain, so left Charlie, Alex, Jon and Andrew to it for the day ... my waterproof jacket almost fit Jon ...

Have made the final adjustments to this year's Christmas card, so that is now all ready to go. Some good advance planning there! Then spent a lot of the afternoon cooking, making a Shepherds Pie for dinner, making a lasagne for the freezer, and making gooey chocolate brownies for dessert, with creme fraiche and a spiced plum compote. Was great to spend a bit of time just playing in the kitchen, with the new Star Trek and Empire Strikes Back on in the background to keep me amused.

So great to have a cosy warm house full of people (E, C, Andrew, Alex, Jon, Erika T, Kirsten) now the evenings are drawing in, and great to feed them all after a long tiring days walking ... they all looked knackered! Alex also kindly brought round a bottle of champagne to toast the foetus, was nice to have a bit of celebration. I had the teeniest sip, was totally worth it!

Erika T went home early, not feeling too good, and after Alex and Andrew left, C, K and J watched 'Falling Down'. Was a bit confused by the laughter I could hear as I fell asleep, I didn't think it was a comedy!

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