Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Books Books Books!

Chucking it down with rain, but I swore I would get out of the house rather than be consigned to the bedroom all day by lounge floor revival.

Met with Claire and Leo at Brockwell Lido Cafe, much less busy now summer has gone ... a silver lining to the onset of autumn/winter.  Then we got a bus to Piccadilly to visit Waterstones.  I intended for us then to go to the V&A to see the 50 years of Private Eye exhibition, but figured that could wait as we were enjoying the bookshop so much!

Books definitely do have an energy, and it has been a while since I have hung out in a bookshop.  The kids section was fab too, deciding between all the 'That's not my ...' books:

That's not my ... tiger, bear, angel, fairy, pirate, santa, snowman, reindeer, truck, robot, kitty, puppy, elephant, dinosaur, monster, rabbit, lion ...

[We decided on 'That's not my bear', good choice!  Though I do really want to get 'That's not my pirate' for several people I know :)   ]

Then had a lovely dinner at Little Sicily with Theresa, Erika and Gilly.  P was v good in the restaurant, and we left them to go out to their cabaret night to jump on the no 3 bus home.

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