Friday, 28 October 2011

The Help ... and a Missing Floor

Went to the Big Scream at the Ritzy with Fishy as it was his flexiday, to watch 'The Help'.  An excellent film which transports you to 1960's Mississippi and cultural tensions between black maids and their scheming employers.  Filled with humour, tension, sadness and joy, it was a beautifully told story and I would recommend it to anybody.

Had a late lunch in Brixton Village with the NCT crowd, including Charlie and Phil.

Then home to discover that UPS had messed up delivering the last bit of our floor.  Charlie tried in vain to pick it up from Kentish Town, but they also managed to mess up the admin so he couldn't take it with him.  So we instead set up the lounge to hide the remaining small section that still needed finishing.

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