Saturday, 29 October 2011


A lazy morning of lying in and setting the house up for Halloween.

After bacon sandwiches (yum!), played Pandemic and Ticket to Ride Europe with Kirsten and Ruth, who decided to join us for the weekend.  Kirsten had done some epic baking, including marshmallow ghost cakes and pumpkin biscuits.

Andrew, Sarah and Alex joined us a little later for pizza, and it was v quiet until about 9 when Greg, Kate, Roger, Erika, Dan, Liam and Norris all arrived.  Was a little odd to learn about Sir Jimmy Saville's death by Dan coming to the door in a dead Jimmy Saville costume (body bag, grey wig, fake cigar and silver foil jewellery).

And after a few hours of chatting, drinking and fun, we started a pretty large game of werewolf.  We made it through 2 games, both of which were close and hard fought.  I don't think I had drunk enough to carry off being a werewolf in the second game, but Dan held the fort well.  Biggest learning?  That Norris and I can see through each other pretty well.

Penny was a delight all evening, going down for a couple of hours of sleep, but being very amenable (if a little scared of zombie Liam) at all other times.

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