Thursday, 6 October 2011

A swim and a thought

Had a lovely afternoon with Claire & Leo and Sonia & Clara at Peckham Pulse for a baby swim in their hydrotherapy pool.  Was lots of fun, and the babies all enjoyed themselves.  Went back to Claire's for a cup of tea, as Charlie is out for the evening.

And a quick thought about an incredibly influential man.  The world has been fondly remembering Steve Jobs today: a pioneer, a leader and a man who could see the future.

I think the world has been so admiring of him not just because of his money or even his success, but mainly his love for his career as a weaver of consumer dreams via technology.  The world often seems to equate work with drudgery, but Jobs was a high profile person who said no only that loving your work is ok, but that it is surely the only sensible path for a fulfilling and fun life.  Including the hard bits, the tiring days and the frustration of course, but that overall you are in love with your work.

I wonder how many people will have handed in their notice today ...

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