Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back to the Big Smoke

As Penny still out of sorts, and the night was cold as expected, I had a v interrupted night but felt in good spirits when we packed up the tent in the morning, including wiping off the armies of slugs.

Stopped at Membury services for breakfast, then again at Heston for a quick rest and a cup of tea.  Then back to London with gusto.  Charlie kindly looked after Penny while I caught up on sleep, then Alex, Andrew and Sarah came round for an evening of pizza and boardgames.  They played a couple of games of Blockus, then we proceeded to lose at Pandemic another couple of times.

In fact, C and Alex are still up trying to win at it now.  I think C is keen to keep playing till they win, but I reckon Alex will be less keen since he has to get home.

Matthew has also arrived for the treasure hunt tomorrow, good to see him.

P still not quite right, and did not want to settle down to sleep.  Hope she is not up all night!

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