Saturday, 17 September 2011


FINALLY ... Penny slept 8 hours in a row last night, please let this be a return to her old form!

So, on getting up at 8am, and with Penny and Charlie in bed asleep with me, did I get more sleep?  Noooo ... that would be too sensible.  So instead I watched QI, and a very interesting documentary about Pink Floyd.

Met with Alex at the Hive for lunch, and to introduce him to Ticket to Ride-Europe.  After 3 games, 2 a the Hive and 1 at our place, I won 2 (yay!) and Charlie won the last game by a huge margin.

Then I made the spiced plum and apple crumble, the dessert for our dinner at the Keats.  Sam A and Theresa were also both there, so we had a lovely evening of Penny cuddles, chatting and red wine in Battersea.

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