Friday, 30 September 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

Met up with the ladies and babies at the Lido cafe where, although Jo had to leave early, we had a pleasant lunch.  Both pool and cafe were full with happy Lambethians enjoying the heat.

Turns out P does not have a tummy infection, but she is still not right, so back to the docs next week.

Felt tired and grumpy by the evening, so good to have a cosy evening in with Fish watching Willy Wonka and playing Scrabble.

Matty arrived at 9:30, good to see him, staying with us to go to a footie match on Sat.

Penny would not go to bed, no matter what we did, so I took the decision to bring her to bed with us to make sure we both got some sleep.  Hope her dislike for her cot doesn't last!

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