Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Brightness in Brighton

A bit bustly first thing, packing for the day and sorting out Penny's poop sample, but eventually got to Victoria and on the train to Brighton to spend the day with Yaya Theresa and Demetris.

Wandered by the sea for a while with T, visiting the playpark (bit advanced for Penny at this stage).  Then drove through the fog to the house for a lovely salmon lunch, and an afternoon of chatting, Penny cuddles and T kindly gave me a back massage as I was achy.

Got back home at 9.30, tired and happy.  Charlie was watching Das Boot, which he paused to give Penny a bath.  Then yet again she was hard to put to bed, and was up in the night 3 times ... can't wait till her tummy is better!

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