Monday, 26 September 2011

The Many Shades of Poop

Yes, it is true.  When you become a new parent, the colour of your beloved child's poop is a world of fascination ... and worry.  P has been pooping a lot, and in noxious green shades, for a good few days now. And the only docs appointment before Friday was this afternoon.

So our plans for the day changed.  Brighton was delayed till tomorrow, and I had a bit of a chance to do some tidying up and sorting out after a busy long weekend.

Also managed to make various fruit and veg purees (peach, carrot, apple) for the freezer in preparation for the upcoming weaning planned, but this may now be delayed depending on P's tum.

Doc was not too worried, as she gave him her biggest beaming smile and I explained that she has been very well in herself.  In fact, she even started to sit up unsupported today.

So, her poop will be tested so, if she is not better by Friday, they will at least know what it is so they can treat it effectively.  Fingers crossed she will get better of her own accord, will be better for her immune system.  You can do it, little one!

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