Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Brixton Christmas

Woke up with a stinking cold, but felt better after a lemsip, so C and I dashed around to get the place ready for our guests: Marion, Robin, Jane, Erika, Dan and Andrew.

Dan made a delicious broccoli and stilton soup for starters, I cooked 2 roast chickens with lots of trimmings, and Marion brought a lemon meringue pie and a raspberry panacotta for dessert, and also cheese!

Full up, we had a sit down with a cup of tea late in the afternoon, as we had eaten v leisurely.  Jane went to carols at St Martins, but I decided I was too ill to go.  So I stayed in and had a bath, while C took P to the Trinity for some Samurai games with Andrew and Alex.

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