Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Warm and Magnificent House

A lazy morning with Penny and Fi watching Saturday Kitchen and chatting, before Fi and Andrew went off to see some friends of theirs in town.  Charlie, Penny and I popped round to Papas Park to feedback on a model of our area on such areas as bike facilities, safety, rubbish tipping etc.  Was good to air our views.

In the afternoon we tried out Charlie's new board game, 'Small World', before heading round early to Norris and Liam's housewarming in case Penny precluded us from staying late.  Was good to see Andrew, Nina and Baby Maddie who were also part of the baby brigade.

Norris and Liam have the house fully sorted now, and it is splendid.  With artistic landlords, who have a style that blends seamlessly into their own, it feels like a lovely space to be in and you can tell they are enjoying it.

It was a v fun party, one of the funnest I have been to in ages.  Lots of space and lots of familiar faces, all mixed in with some potent mulled wine.

Penny was v well behaved, and graciously went to sleep for a few hours in Noz & Liam's bedroom while we chatted downstairs.  Then she came down for a bit after having some milk and a nappy change, feeling v awake and sociable.  So it was well after 1am when we all left to wander back to Brixton.

Great fun!

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