Friday, 2 December 2011

A Christmassy Friday

Met up with Sophie, Sonia and Kaye to see 'Hugo' at the Ritzy Big Scream.  Was an ok film, but Penny was unsettled and so I spent the whole time jumping up and down trying to improve her mood.  V tiring and hard work, so maybe she is just too big for the cinema now.

Then went to the Prince for lunch, where Phil and Jo also joined us.  Then although our plan was to see the tree lights being turned on and carols being sung, we though it was in Windrush Square.  So when we heard it was actually in the library, we decided our full wineglasses were too important to abandon, so we stayed in the Ritzy cafe.  Fish also joined us as he left work a little earlier than usual.

then home to dash around in preparation for the evening's dinner.  Norris and Natalie came round with the  delicious courses they had prepared - Norris with her many tomatoes for a bruscetta starter, and Natalie with her TWO cakes, lemon ricotta and sticky toffee.

Was so good to have a cosy dinner in with them, and the guests of honour Andrew and Fi, who were on good form and had a reasonable run down from Oxford.  They are such a natural couple, and of all the weddings I have been to, they are way up the list when it comes to people who are so suited, happy and generally great.

Had a little too much wine, and Penny decided that going to bed was too boring, so she happily joined us at the dinner table, staying v quiet and jolly.

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