Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Cowboy Kinda Day

Up at 7 for breakfast, so we could get going on a day of driving that would take us all the way across South Dakota.  Stopped off at an 1880’s Cowboy Town nearby Sioux Falls which was somewhat limited, with some scary automatons including Abraham Lincoln, and although the town captured the desolation is was also a tetanus trap.  Though nice to look at the buffalo too, as well as a nice guy who introduced the place.

I then did my longest drive, most if the way across the state of South Dakota.  Nice and easy!

The next 1880’s town we visited was much better, and we loved dressing up to get into the mood of the place, Penny included.  You could really try to imagine what it would be like to live in one of these frontier outpost towns, with all the basic facilities but no-one else for hundreds of miles around.  Life must have been hard.

Stopped off at uneventful Walldrug to pick up food, as we eventually got to our self-catering cabins in the dark and cold of the Black Hills, a change from the heat of the previous few days.

After sorting out who was sleeping where, there was a quick game of werewolf before bed.

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