Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Glimpse of Yellowstone

A yummy breakfast at the Robin’s Nest cottage.  Spent the morning at the Buffalo Bill museum, and waiting for Andrew to come back with his new cowboy boots!

Almost immediately the Wisconsin scenery became even more spectacular as we approached and then entered Yellowstone.  We ambled through, stopping at Lake Yellowstone to take pictures of the view and to play with the crickets.

I joined a different car to have a little break from Penny as we drove to different geysers.  And it was joyous to see her again as we all gathered together at Old Faithful for the big squirt!  It was impressive, and smelly.  And we saw an ambling buffalo wandering on the side of the road as we eventually left towards our cabins in West Yellowstone village.

We had a bit of a struggle finding our cabin in the dark, as we had spent so much time in the park during the day.  But we eventually got there, and rushed out to have some pizza before bed.

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