Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nature’s Glory

As we would be in our cabins in Yellowstone for 3 nights, we took the opportunity to chill out a bit and enjoy staying in one place for a while.  So we had a lazy morning watching bits of the film Megamind.

Then off back into Yellowstone, to Gibbon Falls, Artist’s Paint Pots, the Norris Geyser, Mammoth town for lunch, the canyon and Great Falls, and then finishing off with a short walk around the Norris Porcelain geysers.

Andrew had kindly done some shopping for us, so with Katie and Dave I made Spag Bol for everybody so we could have a cheap and easy night in.  We had had an Alex Hill music quiz in the cars earlier, and it seems after some silly errors, we lost by half a point.  D’oh!

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