Thursday, 6 September 2012


Andrew, Alex and Matthew were up early for a run (I guess A & A wanted to keep their training up for their upcoming 20km).  After breakfast, we headed straight to Mount Rushmore. 

The place is definitely majestic, with the faces beaming through the grand architecture of the visitor’s centre and environs.  We had a small walk around the area, seeing the faces from a few different views, and watched various films and exhibitions about how it was all decided on and made.  An epic project!  We took many photos, some sillier than others, and had lunch and ice-creams there too.

Then we visited the more independent, and impossibly epic Crazy Horse monument.  I found it less compelling, though I admire the tenacity and commitment of those making it happen.  And with a face the size of the entire Mount Rushmore monument already made, maybe they will get there one day after all.

After a game of Mini Golf, I was exhausted.  So I went to bed while the others wallowed in the hot tub and prepared a fabulous BBQ.

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