Monday, 3 September 2012

House on the Rock – A Parallel Universe

Never have I been anywhere that is like House on the Rock.  The tour begins with a walk around a house build on a rock with pretty gardens, an indulgent, comfy, dark house that screams out retro charm.  And once you have seen it, you think … ok, that was cool.

But then you are taken round several hours of the most random collection ever, with mechanical musical orchestras, vast collections of toys, games, dollhouses and many other genres, and with set pieces like a giant whale being attacked by a giant squid within a giant warehouse.  Joined with the world’s largest merry-go-round, you have a sensation that you might never leave.

I loved it, though it wasn’t up everybody’s street.

We drove back past Dr Evermore’s Forevertron, but the gates were shut and we could see from peeking over that there wasn’t much to see compared to what we had just been through.

We then headed for Wisconsin Dells, the waterpark capital of Wisconsin, where we all scoffed at the upside-down White House as it rained around us.

After arriving at the motel accommodation, some of us popped off to Walmart so I could get some bits and pieces for Penny, and so Alex could get a Green Bay Packers Cheesehead.

After dinner at the High Rock Rest, most people stayed up for a drink, a chat and a game of ‘I have never’, though I took the chance to go to bed early with Penny.

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