Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Clever

Another cosy, yummy, fun day with the family. Got up fairly late to have a brief breakfast before going for a long walk around Brixton. Through Brockwell Park where children were playing with new toys, some cool kids with robust remote controlled cars, and some whingy kids with pointless plastic rubbish.

Then we wandered round to the Brixton windmill, my first viewing of what is an incredible echo of Victorian Britain in our back yard. It is so hidden, not even visible from the Windmill pub which bears its name. No wonder Alison loves it so much.

Then, after 2 hours of strolling, we wandered back to 206 to have a lovely mushroom risotto before going our separate ways. Andrew to Heathrow to pick up Erika T from her Christmas visit to Hungary, Robin and Marion to Redhill before going back to France.

Mum and Dad stayed back with me to indulgently watch 'Trading Places', as film that is both naughty and witty, also almost 30 years old now, whilst still perplexing me with the stock exchange futures market.

And now we have a bit of peace and quiet again ... I say again, because I presume we were peaceful at some point this year. It only really occured to me today that we have a full week off next week ... such joy! The possibilities are endless, Spa London? The V&A? Shopping on the Kings Road? Drinks in Bar de Musee? Little Fish has to write his essay, which I will help with, so it is even quite helpful if I am out of the house keeping out of his way.

And Laura comes to stay tomorrow, which will be great fun. A bit of time to catch up over a whole year ... a house still full of booze and food ... a 'to do' list that is both flexible and interesting ... be still my beating notebook!

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