Saturday, 19 December 2009

Out and About in London Town

For those who know Charlie and I well, we are not recognised as being people who go out clubbing to bars in town of a weekend evening. So, tonight was a refreshing change as we went out to Islington to brave the cool night air. We first popped in to Veronica's, a collegues at FTF, who was hosting a mulled wine and merriment session at her house just off Essex Road.

We then pootled back to Upper Street to join Hannah Bunting, a B'ham Uni friend of Charlie's who we last saw in Tokyo (where she lives) when we were on our honeymoon.

So, a couple of drinks, much jolly chatting, pondering and reminiscing. And an early morning awaits us tomorrow as we are going to Katherine and Rich's wedding in South Wales, in what looks like a most beautiful and stately castle. Fabulous!


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