Monday, 21 December 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful ...!

Ok, so it can't be too bad a day at work if you can play Bobby Darin's 'Let it snow' while the good white stuff is making the sky fluffy outside.

Katherine and Rich's wedding yesterday was very sweet and elegant, though what with few tube trains and a 1 and a half hour delay on the mainline track we almost didn't get there. But we did, and she looked absolutely beautiful in the surroundings of Fonmon Castle in south Wales, with a happy hubby at her side. Mr and Mrs Mackin are spending a quiet honeymoon and Christmas with their dog Poppy in a cottage in Cornwall, sounds delightful!
At least the late train meant that we should get a refund ... every cloud! But we were a bit sleepy getting back at 1am, Christmas seems to mean consecutive late nights at the moment.

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