Monday, 28 December 2009

Early New Year's Deliberations

So, yet again, my new year's resolutions need to include learning the ability to stop guzzling wine like it is orange squash. Had a very fun evening at Andrew's last night, as he and Erika cooked for me, Charlie, Laura, Alex, Mum and Dad. The yummy fajitas were followed by a particularly amusing (aren't they always?) game of the hat game. My abilities were somewhat impeded by my intoxication.

So, after a fitfull night's sleep as my liver attempted to remove the poison from my bloodstream, Alex popped round for a run at 11 which literally jogged me into recovery. We kept it short, after all it has been a few months since I last ran. And the Wii Fit's verdict was not too bad after a few months of busyness, eating and not excercising - 10st 7lb.

So, it has been a lazy day, having a bath and watching films. Laura has gone out to surround herself with London's inimitable wonders. Charlie is doing his essay. I believe Mum and Dad are out again attacking the shops, and expect Andrew and Erika will be having a relaxing day together.

Tomorrow is Claridges and Karaoke. A good opportunity for me to practise my '2 glasses is plenty' technique.

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