Sunday, 13 December 2009

No 'Authority'

So, Joe won the X-Factor, and takes a step into the heady and oh so temporary world of British celebrity. Fair dues, he was the best singer, but after a few weeks of steady corruption, the angelic smile may well turn into a naughty grin.

It is a magic formula to democratise the music industry live on tv every week. After all, that is what has made the Internet so popular. And, in a creative world with full democracy, there is no authority ... no authors ... how to find what is truly good amidst all the dross.

But on to more important things, spending a weekend in Spalding with my parents, Charlie, Matthew, Andrew and Erika T. Was as relaxing and pleasant as Christmas should be, with a full turkey dinner we were completely spoiled.

Lots to prepare this week in anticipation of Christmas. Cards to write, food to plan, and we are also going to see Avatar at the IMAX on Wednesday, after Charlie joins me for a bit of an informal work drinks and dinner ... should be lots of fun, as long as the relentless flow of work finally begins to stem a bit before Christmas starts in full.

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