Sunday, 4 April 2010

Blue Sky, and a Life Cut Short

The first thing I am properly aware of today is the blue sky beaming through the skylight, then immediately afterwards Marion murdering me in cold blood with a teatowel. Honestly, you think you know someone?!

Managed to gather together a ‘Team Bagpuss’, so while ‘Team Intrepid’ went off to climb rocks and walk a very long way, a group of us has a pleasant amble over the nearby ridge where we both enjoyed the sunshine and saw snow. Half decided to detour to the pub, I continued home with the ‘cup of tea’ contingent.

Team Intrepid's Lunch Break

Alex helped me cook all of the BBQ bits and pieces for the evening meal, it is not easy to fill two ovens and make sure a kitchen full of people don’t burn themselves as they walk past. But we managed it and everybody seemed once again full.

Charlie and I draw in our ‘Jess Challenge’ to race to the wood shed with a balloon between each of our legs (though I was trying for a win).

Then we all delve into Mink’s Murder Mystery. It is Widecombe many years ago, and somebody is about to be killed. With costumes and amusing voices, it was exceedingly good fun. “Danny, Danny, we love you!”

Oh, and a big happy birthday to Theresa!

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